Is There Tainted Gold Inside Your Phone?


From the New York Times 30 August 2019 Producer/Director Brent McDonald If you’re reading this on your phone, you may be holding illegally mined gold from Colombia, where the precious metal has replaced cocaine as the main source of income for organized crime. The growing demand for gold as a conductive metal used in phones and other electronic products has … Read More

The Mercury Free Mining Challenge Gains a Global Audience in Paris


The Mercury Free Mining Challenge (MFMC), a team of leaders in jewelry and materials sciences working toward a safe alternative to toxic mercury use in small-scale gold mining, has made its cause the topic of conversation at recent conferences in Tucson, Atlanta, Chicago, New York – and now in Paris. With the aim to transform jewelry, mining and global heath … Read More

The Treasure of El Bagre


Last week I returned from my visit to the Colombian community of El Bagre, in the Department of Antioquia, where they depend almost entirely on gold mining for their subsistence income. The hamlet of San Antonio is 2.5 hours from El Bagre, beyond the village of Zaragoza on a rocky, rutted road that becomes thick, orange muck when it rains, … Read More

Discovering the true El Bagre


On Monday I’ll be flying to Medellin, Colombia to meet up with my interpreter & photographer, Juan Sebastian Villa and on Tuesday, he and I will fly into the community of El Bagre in the district of Antioquia, the region’s highest gold-producing municipality, accounting for 80%- 90% of its revenue. In the 5 years between 2008 ~ 2013, the population … Read More

Toby Pomeroy of Mercury Free Mining Challenge will be presenting at The Santa Fe Symposium May 24th

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Toby Pomeroy is honored have been selected to speak at the 2017 Santa Fe Symposium, May 24th. “I intend to leave participants inspired by the amazing times in which we live and by the power we possess to make an extraordinary difference.” – Toby Pomeroy Read more about the topic and Symposium here: