Mercury Free Mining Awards GIA CEO Susan Jacques with Wooden Batea

Caelen BurandNews


In 2021 GIA (Gemological Institute of America) granted MFM and ARM (Alliance for Responsible Mining) $50,000 to work with gold miners from the Ananea District of Peru to eliminate mercury from their ore processing. At February’s Tucson AGTA Gem Fair, MFM was honored to present GIA CEO Susan Jacques with a hand-carved traditional wooden batea (gold mining pan) used by ASGM to concentrate gold. We look forward to continuing our partnership with GIA, working together to discover and implement ways millions of AGSM around the world can mine safely without the need for toxic mercury.

Photo by Emily Lane © GIA


Toby Pomeroy, Founder of Mercury Free Mining presenting Susan Jacques, GIA President, with gift.

The Story of the Wooden Batea: