Mercury Free Mining Awarded $25,000 JCK Industry Fund Grant, Helping Drive Innovation in Responsible Gold Mining

Caelen BurandNews

mercury free mining awarded grand from jck for work towards ridding artisanal mining operations of mercuryMercury Free Mining (MFM) is honored by this generous and visionary grant from the JCK Industry Fund. We are delighted by the support for our mission to eradicate the use of mercury in artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM), ensuring the public trust in the jewelry industry gold supply chain.

The JCK Industry fund was founded in 1997 with the mission to enhance the image of the jewelry industry and to foster development and research of programs that aid, assist and improve the jewelry industry.

“We appreciate the JCK Industry Fund’s visionary leadership in awarding this grant to Mercury Free Mining. It will help raise awareness of the human and ecological devastation brought about by the use of mercury in mining. And most importantly, it will swiftly advance efforts to discover a safe, effective, and readily adopted process that replaces mercury used by 15 million artisanal gold miners who presently have no other alternative.” states Toby Pomeroy, MFM Executive Director.

The JCK Industry Fund’s support for MFM highlights the sector’s collective commitment to the responsible sourcing of minerals in concert with the shifting desires of consumers who see sustainability as a top priority in their purchasing. This grant enhances MFM’s commitment to inform the jewelry trade about the devastating impacts of mercury, champion the development and deployment of innovative and effective methods of separating gold from its ore, and provide pathways toward responsibly sourced gold that ensures consumer confidence in the jewelry industry gold supply chain. Ultimately, MFM envisions the jewelry industry coming together to support the implementation of a $1 million challenge prize to incentivize innovators, scientists and engineers in discovering of a safe, highly effective, affordable, and scalable replacement for mercury use in ASGM.